Can I call BestEssayHelp a reliable writing company?

best essay help writing service

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t do an assignment on time? Have you always feared that you would get a bad grade because you couldn’t work on an assignment due to some problems? If so, you should know that there are plenty of websites that may help you.

Yes, there are academic writing professionals out there who can do your assignments, schoolwork or college work for you. They charge a fee for the service, and, in return, you get good grades. It’s a win-win situation if you hire the right experts.

Here, I will let you know what to expect from It’s a service provider that you might come across while looking for academic writing assistance. This review of Best Essay Help is completely unbiased and fair. Do read it before hiring their “so-called” experts if you don’t want to waste your pocket money. Services

The top services offered by Best Essay Help are articles, essays, coursework services, speeches, dissertations, assignment writing, research papers and business writing. I just tested their academic writing services for this review and gave them a task to complete. The content was filled with basic typo errors and sentence formation mistakes. It didn’t even have proper citations.

Unfortunately, the writer who was assigned the task was also not a professional. It seemed abundantly clear when I had the first look at the outcome. I still gave them another chance and requested revisions. Again, the second piece was not up to the mark and was full of grammatical and factual errors. It seems that the writer failed to do proper research and completed the work haphazardly.

Customer Support

The customer support team of the service provider is quite disappointing. Though the staff is courteous and answers the calls quickly, they don’t seem to have any power. When I asked to contact the writer or a manager, they seem to be giving standard answers only. The standard answers were that you would get your money’s worth, but we didn’t get it.

High Prices and No Promo Codes

The pricing structure of the website is quite steep as compared to some of the competitors. They ask for over 20 dollars for a simple college essay, and the piece you get fails to meet the expectations.

In case you are hoping to reduce the price by using some kind of promo code, coupon codes, or discounts, then you are out of luck again. Even after doing considerable online research, I failed to find any legit code. You are free to try your luck in that arena as well.

Real Feedback

After doing my research, I decided to find some customer reviews and feedback. First of all, I’ve found this review from on of professional review websites – I came across a comment stating that a student had paid 300 dollars and didn’t receive the product. The person wasn’t able to get a refund or cancel the payment. This is a red flag that should tell you never to use the services offered by

According to a few other customer testimonials, the company lied endlessly and didn’t deliver the work that was requested. Some users also reported that the staff was quite disrespectful and hard to reach. Late deliveries were also reported by a few users.

In essence, it can be said that is another scammer and its rating should be quite low. The website seems to be designed for the sole aim of baiting students and seeking money from them with fake promises.

When it comes to delivery, you don’t even get a normal write-up. You just get an erroneous copy that cannot be corrected no matter how many revisions you ask for.

BestEssayHelp Review